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Jolly Phonics Lessons

Jolly Phonics Lessons provides resources and lesson plans to teach phonics lessons

  • Letter sounds audio for all sounds

  • All the Jolly songs for each letter sound

  • Animated letter formation

  • Action image and instructions

  • Word bank and flash cards

Jolly Phonics Fun

Jolly Phonics Fun contains games to practice sounds and words

The app learns from the answers given by the player. It shows sounds and words that they are comfortable with less frequently, and ones they find challenging more frequently, until they are familiar with them.

Jolly Phonics Test

Understand the Phonics Abilities of your learners with these simple tests.

Contains the Phonics Screening Check, the UK standard tests for a child's reading ability

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds

Ideal for children aged 3+, the Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds app provides hours of educational enjoyment.

  • Activities for learning the main sounds in English

  • Choice of print of precursive letters

  • Choice of American or British English audio and spelling

  • Allows multiple and personalized profiles

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